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Miguel Afonso is an outstanding accordionist with a long career, born in the Canary Islands. He has poured so much passion into the accordion that, over the years, this musician has become a clear defender of the sound of this instrument for Canarian music.  After a period where he participated in different musical groups, in 2002 he began his solo stage with his first album, Aruriando, and participated in notable events both inside and outside the island's borders. Various tours through Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Texas, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Belgium, Australia and the rest of the Spanish state.

Fotografía en la que aparece Miguel Afonso tocando su acordeón.

His participation in the Nanga Music Festival (Australia), FITICH International Festival of Itinerant Theater in Chiloé Profundo (Chile), Sonamos Latinoamérica Ciudad Juárez (Mexico), International Guitar Festival of America (Chile), International Accordion Festival of San Antonio de Texas (USA), Open Day (Brussels), Parapanda Folk (Andalusia), Chinchón Folk (Madrid), Aranjuez Folk (Madrid), Magosta Folk (Cantabria), Orejo Interceltic Festival (Cantabria) Encuentro del Romancero de Castañeda (Cantabria) , Pozoblanco Folk (Córdoba), The Week of Cultures (Asturias), El Magusto Festival (Cáceres), Olmedo Folk (Valladolid), Trovada of Accordionists of the Pyrenees (Catalonia), Pilar Folk (Zaragoza), Morrazo Interceltic Festival (Galicia) ), Músicas Mundas (Toledo), Segontia Folk (Guadalajara), Lugo Folk (Galicia) On the islands he has participated in the prestigious Sabandeños Festival, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Theater and Dance Festival, Womad Festival, Guide Theater and Dance Festival, Fuertemúsica, Canarias en Marcha, Inter-reg 3, Bio-ciudad Festival, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Bonfire Night, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Christmas Carol Festival, Osorio Summer Meeting, Venegueras Meeting, or at the La Mar de Músicas Festival among many others.

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