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Gani Mirzo Band
with the voices of
Ibrahim Kievo y Neila Benbey

Kurdish by birth and Barcelonan by adoption, Gani Mirzo was attracted to music from a young age. Even though he belonged to the Kurdish community, whose music and culture was prohibited in Rojava and Syria, he managed to study music: first at the Aleppo conservatory and later in Barcelona. From 1994 to 2000, Mirzo carried out research on flamenco at the Liceo Conservatory, guided by professor Manuel Granados. In 1995, he created the Gani Mirzo Band, recognized for investigating the fusion of Kurdish and oriental music with flamenco and jazz. Mirzo's musical career has developed as a soloist and as a member of the band Gani Mirzo Trio. He has performed in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Morocco, Algeria and Kurdistan. He has also provided soundtracks for the documentary films “Activists in Iraq” by Alberto Artzea and “Vendetta Song” by Elam Caftán, and for the play “The Thousand and One Nights” by Els Comediants. ​




Medleys or sets of original instrumental songs taken from the Galician tradition, with special attention to the pipers and musicians of the interior make up the TOR repertoire. A group whose main source of inspiration is the field work of Arquivo Castro Vicente (Cástor and Félix Castro), and its documentary and sound collections, focused above all on the wooden flute and diatonic accordion, as well as on bagpipe playing styles. from little-known regions such as A Limia, Frieiras, and Navia among others. Along with the melodic line guided mainly by instruments of the Galician tradition such as the bagpipe, a wooden flute or the diatonic accordion, and other more atypical ones such as the angloconcertina, the harmonic part is completed by the bouzouqui and the double bass, forming an acoustic sound, authentically vintage like the classics of Celtic folk, and at the same time consistent with the work being done today in Atlantic European folk.



DIC 2023

07.00 pm

Plaza de San Juan


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