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XVI Festival Folk Canarias 2023

In a world like the one we live in, where identities are diluted, it is extremely difficult to convince about the importance of certain cultural values, and, on many occasions, these types of proposals are seen as something stale and meaningless. Far from reality, traditional music has been the seed of creation and inspiration of the great composers, and when it comes to folk or roots music, the value of a retrospective vision surpasses historical interest, to open a great vein of continuity and permanence given by the musical expression of memory itself. If, in turn, this living legacy of each people finds a point of union, diversity sheds unusual light on new compositions. Music will be brought together as a party, as an invitation to dance, and as spiritual energy, where in a healthy way to have fun and have a good time without distinction of ages. The Festival Folk Canarias contemplates cultural insertion from a different perspective, which considers the different realities of men and women, with the aim of recognizing and renewing the professional orientation processes of the masculinized and feminized artistic sectors, to prevent this discrimination from being perpetuated. of genre. To this end, the participation of women and men is encouraged in the preparation of the project, its development and execution from both the technical and artistic sides. The Festival Folk Canarias is promoted based on a culturally sustainable performance, promoting identity as one of the main concepts. The natural and built environment where each and every act is carried out is respected, amplifying and consolidating cultural values.

Within the framework of the programming of all editions of the Festival Folk Canarias, the development of inclusive cultural activities is generated, where the work carried out by the different groups, associations, managers, artists and Canarian companies from sectors in the field of less known culture, through collective creation meetings, concerts, performances, talks, workshops and exhibitions. The aim is to energize, from traditions, the municipalities where the festival is held, encouraging the participation of citizens in the artistic event, making known the cultural and creative industry of our islands and bringing disciplines closer to groups that are not regular recipients of them. , providing them with basic tools for their understanding and critical analysis.

The XVI Edition of the Festival Folk Canarias aims to promote the presence of groups that generate the sound landscape of the Canary Islands. Accommodation for fusion groups, from the roots, and whose purpose is field work and investigation of traditional fact. Through other annexes, we will organize parallel activities designed so that all sectors and ages can participate actively, while encouraging interest among the population in customs and popular culture. But in this section at hand, it is important to mention our intention to open to citizen participation through the municipality's young musicians and artists, in collaboration with the groups that perform at the festival. This new edition will be held between the months of November and December 2023, on the islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura.

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