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James Klein

James Kline is an American artist who constantly renews and reinvents himself. Internationally recognized for his brilliant performances and for the recordings that in recent years he has released to the market together with the Celtic music group Bardou, of which he is co-founder, his music stands out for the variety of its registers and nuances, which include pieces of Renaissance music. , sounds of Celtic origin or more contemporary compositions.

Ancla 1

Olga y Los Ministriles

Olga y Los Ministriles perform popular music combining instruments from the Aragonese tradition with other current and widespread ones on the stages of the 21st century. They were born with the intention of showing a more personal vision of Aragonese popular music, where the most native and ancestral instruments played in Pyrenean dances are mixed, with other instruments used in chamber and jazz music, along with one of the most personal voices that the folk music of this country has given. Its songs, whether composed by itself or adapted from music with Aragonese roots, reflect the commitment that some of its members have maintained for so many years with the dissemination of traditional music from Aragon.



NOV 2023

08.00 pm

Centro Cultural Valle de San Lorenzo


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